Citizen's Scorecard

Does your country/government do the following? Rate your country/government on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest. Where do they stand ?


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Include gender equality in the constitution?

Remove all laws that discriminate against women?

Remove all laws that make women minors?

Ensure that there equal numbers of women and men in decision making positions in the public and private sector?

Have laws that ensure that equal numbers of girls and boys have access to and stay in primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational and non-formal education?

Have policies and programmes addressing gender stereotypes in education?

Ensure equal participation by women and men in economic policy formulation and implementation of economic policies?

Conduct time use studies and adopt policy measures to ease the burden of the multiple roles played by women?

Have policies and laws that ensure equal access, benefits and opportunities for women and men in trade and entrepreneurship?

Review national trade and entrepreneurship policies, to make them gender responsive

Have strategies to ensure that women benefit equally from economic opportunities, including those created through public procurement processes?

Review all policies and laws that determine access to, control of, and benefit from, productive resources by women?

Have laws and policies that ensure women and men have equal access to wage employment in all sectors of the economy?

Have laws that prohibit all forms of gender-based violence?

Ensure that laws on gender based violence comprehensive testing, treatment and care of survivors of sexual assault?

Review and reform their criminal laws and procedures applicable to cases of sexual offences and gender based violence?

Have laws to prevent human trafficking and provide holistic services to the victims, with the aim of re-integrating them into society?

Have laws and policies that prohibit sexual harassment and provide punishment for perpetrators of sexual harassment?

Adopt integrated approaches, including institutional cross sector structures, with the aim of reducing current levels of gender based violence by half by 2015?

Have laws, policies, programmes and services to enhance gender sensitive, appropriate and affordable quality health care?

Reduce the maternal mortality ratio by 75%.

Develop and implement policies and programmes to address the mental, sexual and reproductive health needs of women and men?

Ensure the provision of hygiene and sanitary facilities and nutritional needs of women, including women in prison?

Develop gender sensitive strategies to prevent new infections?

Ensure universal access to HIV and AIDS treatment for infected women, men, boys and girls?

Develop and implement policies and programmes to the recognition, of the work carried out by care givers, the majority of whom are women?

That women have equal representation and participation in key decision-making positions in conflict resolution and peace building processes?.

Have equal numbers of women owning the media and represent in decision making in the media?